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UPS Price in bd 2023

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, which is a device that supplies power when input power source fails. It is an electrical device used for supplying emergency power backup when there are unexpected power outages or load shedding. UPS provides power to the connected electronic equipment for saving from the damage due to sudden power loss.

Most of the UPS systems are line interactive which means it can maintain the surge protection and start a standby power source or shut down the system if power guard detect any changes in the power. It also provides uninterrupted power supply to its users. 

UPS systems are available in plastic body and different sizes depending on its backup time and the total load it can bear. UPS price in Bangladesh 2023 may vary depending on the brand and its model but it is generally available at an affordable price. 

UPS system is essential equipment for many commercial, industrial and residential use. It provides a sense of security by providing emergency power backup when the main power source fails. So, it is important to purchase a reliable UPS system with a sufficient backup time to ensure that your device runs without interruption.