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Power Supply Price in Bangladesh

Power supplies are an essential part of any electrical or electronic system and are used to provide the correct amount of voltage and current for each component. For those living in Bangladesh, finding the right power supply at the right price can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of power supplies available, the components they contain, and the power supply prices in Bangladesh. When it comes to power supplies, there are two main categories – linear and switch-mode. Linear power supplies operate by converting the voltage from an AC source to a DC source, while switch-mode power supplies use a switching process to convert the AC to DC. Linear power supplies tend to be expensive, while switch-mode power supplies are more affordable.A power supply contains several internal components, including a transformer, rectifier, and filter. The transformer is used to reduce the voltage from the AC source to a level that is suitable for the components in the system. The rectifier converts the AC voltage to DC voltage and the filter is used to smooth out any irregularities in the DC voltage.The prices of power supplies in Bangladesh vary depending on the type and size of the power supply. Linear power supplies tend to be more expensive than switch-mode power supplies. The prices also vary depending on the manufacturer and the wattage of the power supply.Voltage regulated power supplies are designed to maintain a constant output voltage, even when the input voltage is fluctuating. This is important as it ensures that the components in the system are not damaged due to over-voltage or under-voltage. Voltage regulated power supplies are generally more expensive than standard power supplies. The power supply unit, or PSU, is the most important component of a computer and is responsible for providing the power to the other components. The PSU comes in different wattage ratings, which are determined by the type of components in the system. A higher wattage rating means that the power supply can provide more power to the system.